Updating E280

I recently had to reinstall all software on a crashed PC w/ Windows XP. Of course I can’t find the installation CD for the player - does anyone know the quick link to getting it? Also, should I update the firmware? I can’t seem to find anything that describes what the firmware updater does?

No big deal. The discs aren’t even included when you get a new player anymore. There’s nothing on the disc that you can’t D/L from the SanDisk site. Just click on the SanDisk Logo in the upper left-hand corner of any of the pages in this forum & it will take you there.

As far as the “Firmware Updater”? It does exactly what the name implies. But, you can update your f/w without it too. If your PC crashed, that had nothing to do with the firmware on your player, so the only reason to update f/w would be if you needed to do it before anyway.

Check the FAQ’s on the main page and more importantly on the board for your particular player for finding the correct version of your player and the appropriate and latest firmware release for it. You can usually find the f/w version you are running by going to SETTINGS > INFO on your player.