Updating database and SD card contents

    Does anyone know if newer firmware revisions change how long the startup process takes? My only complaint about this little guy is that it takes at least a minute to update the SD card database with a 2GB card in it. If there isn’t a way to make it faster then no biggie, but if there is I am all for it.
Right now I have about 1.3GB on the external card and the internal 1GB is full.

I have both internal and 2GB external. Both are fairly full.  But it takes only under 10 secs at the most.


Two points to consider:

1. After you bought the SE,  did you format it and the card using the format facility built into the SE?


2. Do you have the latest Windows driver installed in your PC?  If you are registered with MS this can be done automatically.

See my post in another thread.