OK guys.  I have learned a lot from this message board since getting the Sansa Clip.  For example someone was very exact in their instructions on how to get to MTP mode by turning off the player putting it in “lock” and holding the round button in while plugging the unit into the USB port.  That’s great.  It is exactly what I am looking for to get it back to the other mode so I can check for updates.  I have gone to settings and found USB mode and tried “press and hold” but when I plug it in to look for upgrades I see the message from the updater that it is still in MTP mode.

Simple instructions please.  This is getting frustrating.  How hard can it be?  Just need to know how.



Hi there,

The sansa updater should work with MTP mode.  You do not need to force it into MSC mode.  You might have an older version of the sansa updater.  The latest one should be 1.082 which you can download from the web.  Here is the link.


However, please uninstall your current sansa updater.  Restart your computer and then install this new updater.  Then when you plug in your Sansa Clip, you should see a little icon “S” at the bottom right corner.  If you click on the icon, it will give you the option to update your player or not.  You can choose to check for updates and it will give you the latest update.  So try this to see if it works, if not, please capture your screen so I can have a better look at what is the error.  To capture the screen, you just need to press the button “Print Scrn” on your keyboard which is located to the top right corner and then open up “Paint” and press “Ctrl + V” to paste the image & then save it.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much!   I will try to re install the updater.   I am currently getting a message on the screen from the updater saying it will not work in the current mtp mode-please switch to the other mode.  I didn’t think to reinstall the updater and try again.

I must say when I bought this player I never expected that Sansa or any other manufacturer would care enough about their products to provide updates.  It a pleasant surprise to find out that the forum community and the manufacturer care enough about their products and customers to help.  Way to go people.  I have recommended buying the Sansa Clip to several associates at work largely due to the forum and sound quality of this little player. 


Oh yea,  I tried to copy and paste the error message about the updater not working in mtp mode but it wouldn’t paste into this space.  Is there an email address I can mail this to for you to look at?


Deleted the old installer using control panel, rebooted the computer and reinstalled the updater program.  Works great now.  Thanks very much for the help.   Still unable to paste a screenshot of the error message the updater gave but if I can send it to you via email please let me know.  I’ll let the screenshot I pasted into Word stay on the desktop a couple of days in case you need it.

you should just get the bin file… put on root of clip and unplug… you just updated firmware–forget the updater