Updater never finishes download

    Not loving this firmware updater; you must set language before it finds firmware updates (not intuitive).  Once it “finds” the update, you can’t really check it’s checkbox; it just “clicks” through to an option to change the region.  Select a region (only “America” is available) and it returns to the screen that lists the user manual, media converter and firmware.  The media converter is just a link (hard coded to IE, no thanks) and the user manual is not of interest.  You can select the manual and dl it pretty quickly, but the firmware can’t be selected and any attempt to dl it fails (or I give up after a ridiculous amount of time)…there is no error…the tools just insists that it’s “downloading” but isn’t maintaining any active connections and makes no progress.  Any ideas?  Is there a manual firmware flash procedure?

I have the same problem.  It’s like there no update out there for my m230 player.  That’s basically what it’s saying.