Updater doesn't automatically run?

I just got the Express working again - now with 01.01.05a.  Music loaded and working.

Am I supposed to have a S icon in my tray to check for updates?  The only thing that happens when I put the Express in the USB is that my F:\ folder opens up.  Should anything be happening to activate checking for updates?  I have tried to install and uninstall the updater at least 3 times.

Thanks in advance - I’ve looked all over the boards for this.  Fixed the Express thanks to the Boards, though!  Tammi

Is ur mp3 in mcs mode cause you cant update with that

If your fw is 1.01.05…you have the latest fw already…no need to upgrade…as for the updater, it only detects your device if it is in MTP mode…which is the default mode…unless you change your device into MSC mode…then the updater won’t recognize it…as far as the updater, when you uninstall it…make sure to restart and then install again and it should work…However, again it does not work with MSC mode…if you previously change the device into MSC mode…change it back into MTP.

If you are in MSC mode, you should be able to update using the manual update on the top of this forum.

The sniffer is a startup item. It may have been deleted. Re-install updater software…Jack