Updater does nothing


When i connected my Sansa Clip 1GB or Sansa Clip+ 8 GB to my PC i can drag and drop files. No problem at all with that.

But when i try to check for updates with the Update it keeps saying “checking for updates”. i can wait for hours or days, but the message dont disappear.

Have tried it with both mp3 players with several USB cables on several USB ports. MTP or MSC mode makes no difference.

I also have uninstalled the Updater, used registry cleaners, rebooted my pc and reinstalled the Updater for like 10 times.

Nothing works. Maybe with reinstalling Windows XP. But that’s no option for me.

I know there are no updates for the Sansa Clip+ but the Updater should at least return a message that there are no update available.

In cases like this, it’s usually your firewall blocking connection with the Updater server.

But frankly, there’s no need for the Updater. In fact, it can slow your computer’s system down substantially. Most here will advise against even installing it.

You already know there’s no new update for the Clip+. Here’s the latest firmware version for the Clip. You can just update it manually if needed.

Same problem here!

Tested on two Win XP PCs one with antivir and firewall completely shut down.

I don’t need an update since i was able to use the tool to update my new player two days ago so i know that it works. But i want to get the video converter which isn’t available otherwize! This *use our special tool to install* procedure is so lame!

Thank god that a firmware update is possible without it!


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