update the nsansa fuze to V01.01.22

Maybe there is anybody in this forum, can help me.?!

I updated my sansa fuze 8GB to the latested firmware 01.01.22.

But now I have a lot of new files in Windows explorer in the internal memory,

but I can see only some of my musifiles.(windos xp,SP2)

There are 6 GB music on the internal memory but only 10 albums to see!

So I can’t drag and drop and I can’t manage my music on the sansa internal

memory in Windows explorer. Thank you for answer.

Check the USB mode in Settings->SystemSettings->USB Mode.

Set it to MTP, and check which albums you can see using the PC. 

Then try again in MSC mode.

The new software handles the USB modes a bit differently, that may be your problem.

Stuff put on in MTP mode can’t be seen by the PC in MSC mode & vice versa.