Update proposal


To me the player is good. To enhance it, I would add 2 things:

  • Shuffle better (shuffle reresh), when you play randomly your songs, if it is possible to refresh the shuffle so that all the songs are played randomly with a new seed. In addition, it would be great to be abl to select shuffle among the entire memory (card + internal memory) or a dedicated directory.

  • Gapeless play with transition between songs (fading one while unfading the other song)



PS: if there s a dedicated thread where all proposal should go, please move this thread there, thanks.

The shuffle algorithm may be able to be improved but the combination of the internal and external memory and gapless wont happen. These features are not there currently due to a hardware limitation. The controller simply does not have enough RAM to add these features. 

If you get a Sandisk Clip+,Clip Zip, or Fuze, and put Rockbox on it, you get a true shuffle(it is like shuffling a deck of cards) where no songs will repeat, and you get crossfade, which you described.