does any one know how to fix the buffering for the video it plays the first like 4 seconds of the video then pauses

this update is the best :smileyvery-happy:

Hi, I just got my Sansa Connect and after scratching my head I finally got the WIFI to work with my computer.  I know the update comes through the WIFI but I have not as yet seen this happen. I’ve had it on WIFI for a while but no update. Anybody have any ideas?




Are you sure that you’re not already using the latest firmware?  Check the firmware on your device by navigating to “home>settings>info>software version”.  The latest firmware is

You can use the device recovery tool to update the firmware on your device.  Search the Sansa Connect software download page for the tool.  Note: this application will erase all of the data currently on your device. 

Hope this helps.


Sansa Connect Recovery Tool:


As long as you are connected to WiFi, the Connect will check for updates each time you successfully connect to the Internet.  When it starts downloading, it does so in the background, without any notification.  It will only inform you after it downloads, and is about to begin the installation.  It could take 20-30 minutes.  Maybe the server was busy/offline when you tried the first time.  As suggested by another on this tread, verify you don’t already have the latest firmware.  

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Thanks for all the help!  Ya, I’m still on version I’ll let ya know how I made out later.

I got the update. Had to do a Factory Reset then plugged in the AC adaptor and hooked up to the WiFi.  Set it down on my 'puter desk next to the router and bingo there it was.

Great upgrade! I used the Media Converter to put 5 videos on my Connect; 4 wmv’s & 1 DivX avi file. All work great!!!

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions.



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Don’t forget to read through the Sansa Connect FAQs.


They need to add messaging to the yahoo messenger service on it!

I wish my sansa would turn on >< … Im in the middle of having support replace it …

No damage on it at all :-\ … Must have a been a defective one …

Cant wait to get it working tho

Re messaging … I’d think I’d go insane composing text messages with a spin wheel.  :wink: