up volume doesnt work

okay so evrytime i press the low button it works fine and i think the up button is dislodged because i tried to press it and it just lowers the volume i havent dropped it yet and its new though i bought it two years ago and i just opened it like three months agp

what should i do?

i opened it and the up button is loose and off the chip only if i push it down and then click it will the volume go up but it just becomes loose again

any suggestions would be great!

Have you tried taking it to the store you bought it from and talking with the shopkeeper about this? Your device should be covered by a 12-month warranty against such faults, so if it came that way, you should theoretically be able to get the device replaced or repaired free of charge. The shopkeeper might advise you on what to do in order to get the device serviced and where to go physically.

You might want to try that unless anybody else has a more convenient idea. In any case, you should review the Warranty-related documents you probably received with the device - they might contain useful information as well.