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Yo Sansa world!

I have a problem. I play a lot of mixed music on my Fuze (Tiesto, Anjunabeats, AVB etc etc). Each and every time it changes track I get a break in the groove (maybe 1s or less).

How do I / Is there a way I can stop this happening? What am I doing wrong / not doing?

Thx in advance.


If I interpret correctly what you’re saying it sounds like you are describing ‘gapless playback’. No gaps between tracks. If so, this is not available at this time on any Sansa players. It is in the works for a future firmware upgrade for the Fuze and possibly the Clip, but it may be a while as it is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Also when it is added, only files ripped with LAME .mp3 encoder will be able to be played ‘gapless’. So that eliminates anything ripped from CD’s with Windows Media Player and probably most of what you download from on-line sources as well.

Btw, this is the Sansa Media Converter board. The SMC is used exclusively for converting videos and/or photos only to display on Sansa players with these capabilities. It has nothing to do with music.

There are several existing threads discussing gapless playback on the Fuze board. I would refer you there for more details.

Thanks for the reply/answer.

Sorry for wrong board.

Was what I was trying to describe.

I will go and check those other boards.