Unwanted Powering Off

I use the Clip Zip primarily for copy-protected audio books downloaded on loan from our local library.  After operating well for several months, the Zip now powers itself off within 5 to 60 seconds of power-on, even when the battery has plenty of charge.

An exception is when I first connect to a PC (Win 7) and the Zip powers up.  If, within a few seconds, I begin formatting the Zip and reload the content, the Zip will power-on normally the first time after being disconnected from the PC, and will remain ‘on’ for as long as it is in use.  However, once it is shut off, either manually or following an idle period (which is normal), it will not remain powered on following the next startup.

As stated previously, I did format the Zip.  I also did a ‘factory reset’ via the Zip settings menu, and loaded a different book in case the previous book had a file corruption problem that would lead to the power-down malfunction.

I now also notice a charging problem.  When the Zip was working properly, it remained ‘on’ during charging, I guess to monitor the state of the charge so that the battery would not overcharge.  Now, when the ‘off’ Zip is connected to the PC or charger, it does not remain ‘on’ for long and does not charge unless, during PC connection, the format function is begun quickly.

I was thinking of unloading, then reloading, the latest firmware (it is up to date), but see no way to ‘unload’.  As the firmware version is current, the Sansa updater doesn’t offer to update the Zip.

I had also thought there may be a date/time conflict, but the date is correct, the hour is correct, and the minute change on the Zip is different from my PC minute time by less than a minute.

Suggestions?  Thanks.

Personally, I don’t think re-installing the firmware is going to help but you can try it, you’ve got nothing to lose. Just follow the manual installation directions in the firmware post; there’s not need (or way) to ‘unload’ it first.

If it’s still under waranty, I would contact SanDisk directly about a possible replacement.

I have the powering-off problem with all three cz’s I own. I can load one book but the second will be victim of a shutdown. The first will not have finalized so starxt over again.  Sometimes it freezes; sometimed just turns off, Everything is in Mp3

mine freezes after couple of songs as well…need to do reset each time.

didnt bother to count but i think it happens after ~4-5 songs playing in ‘play all’ mode with shuffle.

the freeze happens after song completion (not in the middle).

i have the clip sport as well. that DAP is even worse…:smiley: :smiley:

tags are a mess.

You might try reapplying the firmware–glitches can develop.  See the firmware sticky thread at the top of this forum.

Tried reflashing the FW…same thing…maybe it comes across a song that causes this?

Do you have embedded album art? If so, remove it. If you have a card in the player, is it class 4 or slower? Also, never insert or remove a card while the player is on. What format are your files? If there is a card in the player, try removing it and see if the player works okay. If there is no card in the player, and you have copies of the music in your player also on your pc, you could format the player using the player menu, and delete all the songs on the player. If the player still doesn’t function properly without songs on it, then the problem is either the player firmware or the hardware. If you manually install the latest firmware and that doesn’t help, then you probably have a hardware problem. 

If the player is okay without your music files, then the problem may be your music files. Perhaps they might just need to be copied to the player after it has been formatted. Perhaps some are corrupted, or your tags are incompatible with the player. What format are your files? What format are the tags?