Unwanted access to Media Player

In the manual, it warns that others can access my Media Player if I have my it connected to the internet.  I assume that’s only for people on the same WiFi network as my Media Player?  How exactly are they “seeing” my Media Player?  Does it just show up in their app?  (Will theirs show up in mine?)  And is all my content completely accessible to them?

Yes that is referring to other people who are connected to the same network that the WMD is connected to. If you connect the WMD to your home network for example anyone that has access to your home network will have access to the WMD and all the data on it. They will need the WMD app but there are no access restrictions that can be set. 

Wow, just checked this out for myself, and was amazed how wide open the Media Player data is to anyone else on the same network.  You don’t need any passwords or anything, the data is just right there like you configured the device for your own use! 

Is there really no way of avoiding this?  I’m kind of surprised that SanDisk would do anything but vigorously warn against ever connecting their Media Player to a public wifi network.

No, there is no way around this currently. If you are on a network anyone with access to that same network will have access to the device and the data stored on it. 

Thanks for the confirmation – I’ll be sure to keep it off all but the home wifi (though I wouldn’t mind better control of when the kids can access it, too – besides the “off” button, that is).  

It did get me to wondering what happens if there are two such devices on the same wifi network, though.  Will your iPhone pick one to deal with?  Or can it somehow show content from both simultaneously?

The app will list both that it sees on the network and ask which one you would like to access. 

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Thanks!  I appreciate your replies/answers in this forum.