Unusable Cruzer Contour 8Gb

Hello folks,

a friend of mine asked me to take care for him of his “broken” Cruzer Contour. He messed up the drive in a way I could not understand, and now every time I plug the stick in a PC it is shown as two separate disks of 64mb each.

Launchpad removal has not been of any help, neither the Administration tools of windows.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Up. Guys, I can’t find any piece of help in the whole internet and that’s odd.

Let me clarify the situation: when I plug the stick in a PC (non OS-dependant, I’ve tried on Linux and Windows), it sees the drive as two identical logical units (not partitions!) of about 63,8 mb each.

Do I have to trash the Cruzer?

do you have a tool like partition magic? not sure if it would work but worth a try. you can also try the HP disk storage format tool (just google the name to download) it may be able to restore the drive. if not it will probably need to be replaced. if it is still in warranty contact sandisk support. 

Without knowing how your friend trashed the Cruzer it’s hard to know if it’s a SanDisk problem.  Seeing two separate devices is normal, one should be seen as a CD drive the other as removable storage.  However the CD drive should be about 7 MB and the other drive close to 8 GB.  It sounds like your friend hacked the Cruzer and now it’s worthless.  However, being worthless means you can try different things on it and not worry about ruining it.  The HP utility that Dr Lucky mentioned is worth a shot, so to is PMagic.  At this point you have nothing to loose.