unsupported file problem on music files SD microsd 2gb

Recently I tried uploading music onto my lg rumor touch phone and it wasn’t showing up in my media player at all.So I went to my file manager on my phone and the music was on the memory card but when I went to move/copy the files to my phone it said that the files are unsupported. Then I changed the settings on my itunes to the aiff and wav encoder and tried to change the music files.Then I put the memory card back into my phone and the same problem happened didn’t show up in my media player. But now im able to play the music in my file manager, so I tried to move/copy the music  to the phone and it still said that its an unsupported file and it wouldn’t let me move it to the phone again. So how do I fix this so I can listen to all of my music through my media player on my phone with this memory card?

you will need to convert the files to MP3. use the MP3 encoder in itunes to conver the files.