Unsafe use of closed headphones or earphones

The use by many people of isolating headphones or earphones when it is unsafe to do so is an important issue. If this continues, laws will be passed restricting headphone(and earphone) use by pedestrians. I don’t want to lose the right to walk around(through traffic, etc) while listening to music. Those who do it irresponsibly though may cause problems for the rest of us.

When I am walking around outdoors, I use earphones with ear hooks which don’t isolate, and keep the volume low.




Those who do ANTYHING irresponsibly cause problems for everyone else. Unfortunately, you can’t outlaw stupidity . . . we don’t have enough prisons for that. :smileyvery-happy:

Part of the blame for unsafe closed headphone and earphone use though should be placed on headphone makers, who over the past several years have discontinued most or all of the open headphones they made, and who don’t put conspicuous warnings on their closed headphone and earphone packages to only use these when it is safe to not hear the surroundings. Perhaps laws should be made to require such warnings on the packages of isolating headphones and earphones. While the manufacturers might rebel against this, having such warnings might result in people buying two headphone or earphone models, one with isolation, and one without isolation.

Everyone should be responsible for all their actions. Even if using just earphones would have the same effect though.

@gruder wrote:

Everyone should be responsible for all their actions.

^ +1.

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I use Creative in-ear earphones.

I really have no problems with the traffic flow, while listemning to music.

I don’t own a car, so I am always on the sidewalk.

I’ve seen people Not, wearing in-ear earphones completly break the rules in the crosswalk.

Or text messaging with ones head pointed down instead of walking properly in public.

I have no problems, navigating the sidewalk.