Unlucky replacement

Hi all.
I have a problem. I bought Snasa Fuze 8GB 3 weeks ago. Unfortunetly in box was 4GB one. It was plastic elliptic box with title 8GB on front of it, but inside was 4GB player. Shop-assistant said: it was a very strange situation, distributor had to decide what next. After 3 weeks is not any information yet.

Has anybody had simialar problem?

Why don’t you return it to the retailer?

In the UK, it would be the retailer’s problem - they should replace it. But I don’t know about your location…

In Poland too, but I didn’t have time to take issue with shop assistant. But now I’m afraid of how much time replacement takes. If it is a rare problem, it will take a long time.

Too bad you can’t exchange it for another one or get your money back and buy another one (maybe somewhere else)…

This is why people I know hold onto original boxes a long time, too long in my opinion… :wink:

We did a replacement on a clip not long ago, it took 3 weeks. Not to bad IMO but thats from the East coast of the US to Sandisk on the West Coast of the US and back.  Also Its recommended by several tech consumer websites that you keep boxes for tech products for the length of any manufacturer warranty, and if there isn’t a warranty that you keep boxes for 6 months. So based on that rule you should keep Sansa player boxes for 1 year based on the manufacturers warranty, and if you get a warranty from a retailer keep it for that time too. 

Took a bit longer to RMA my e260v2 from the UK - via the Czech Republic to Philadelphia & back again… about 4 or 5 weeks. But Sandisk did send back a full retail pack - so I got another pair of those great earphones :neutral_face:

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I’m from Poland. Few years ago I had a problem with my c240.  I received
a new one  after 10 days. I still know nothing about my Fuze, it is 4th
And about boxes. I have some empty boxes in all my closet because of terms of
warranty. It is annoying. :slight_smile: