unkown icon displays critically low

I have windows 7.  When I plug in my sansa clip to charge or transfer music, there is an icon that displays “critically Low”.  It’s not the battery or the amount of free space.  the icon looks like a kinda flattened letter “c” with an exclamation point next to it.  Before the clip starts malfunctioning, I’d like to fix the problem. Can anyone help?

That is indeed the battery charge indicator. It’s an exclamation point overlapping (and partially obscuring) an empty battery icon.

Some users have complained of Win7 always saying “critically low”, but I haven’t heard of it actually affecting the charging operation. As long as your battery seems to charge, don’t worry about it. It’s just another bug for Microsoft to fix.

I also have Windows 7 but my problem is with the newest firmware update (02.01.35).

My Sansa Clip window popped up when I first plugged it in and it said that the power level was at 56%.

After the firmware update, all it shows is “Critically low (0%)” constantly (even when fully charged).

What can I do now?

it is a bug and a known issue. you will just have to ignore the critically low battery icon in device stage for now. this does not effect charging the player. 

Is this still not fixed?

I recently enabled “Device Stage” in Windows 7, and now Windows always tells me my Clip is charged 0%, critically low.

Previously (before Device Stage") Windows 7 (via the Clip device properties) would at least tell me how much charge there was when I plugged the Clip in via USB – however, it wouldn’t update as the Clip charged.

And prior to that, Vista worked fine – it would keep updating the battery charged %.

For anybody else running Device Stage in Win7, do you see anything other than 0% critically low?

Are you running 32 or 64 bit? (I’m 64 bit)