Unknown songs

There are a bunch of songs on my Sansa Fuze and I’ve no idea how they got there - for example, “It’s Yours to Keep” by Loquat, or “Alias and Ehren” by Lillian.  I can work out that they were pre-loaded, and that I can delete them if I want.  However, they don’t show up when I connect my player to my PC and open the device in Explorer.  All my other albums are there.  Are they in the firmware?



You are probably connecting to your PC in MSC mode (controlled by Settings->SystemSettings->USB Mode).

Content added in MTP mode (like the pre loaded stuff) can’t be seen by a PC when the Fuze is connected in the MSC mode (and vice-versa).

Change the mode to MTP, and try connecting again, and you should see all those great pre-loaded tracks just waiting for you to delete them…

Thanks - all now deleted except the Umphrey’s McGee (great song by an awesome band).