I couldn`t find the simple answer anywhere in one post so all you who knew this please bear with me…

I see this question everywhere but nowhere could I find the simple answer in one post, hopefully this`ll help out another newb to tag editing like myself.

Check your tags
Yeah, I know we`ve all heard that one.

Specifically…check the TYPE of tag on your music file.
The e200 reads id3v2 tags, if you have any files tagged in id3v1 format they have to be converted to id3v2 and the id3v1 tags removed.

You can do this by using programs like Mp3tag, Media Monkey, Foobar etc.
Mp3tag was the one I used the most…I loaded my entire playlist folder then scrolled through looking for id3v1 tags and set it to rewrite as id3v2 then removed the id3v1 tags.

One problem I had was when I converted and removed the id3v1 tags I lost info ( artist,album,title etc.) The songs from the same artist/album can be batch tagged but the titles I had to edit individually. I know theres a way to transfer the info onto the new tag but like I said, Im a newb to all this tag editing stuff.

Good luck! If your library is anything like mine was set aside a couple of hours to learn the programs and check/fix the files.

Thanks to all you tag experts for posting up the info I needed to do this on the various forums I couldn`t have done it without you!

Nice find!! You learn something new everyday… Glad you found this out…

Also make sure your fimrware is the newest… i have problems in the past that my tags were fine, but m sansa refused t o show them correctly.