Unknown Artist/Unknown Album

I transferred music to my Music Folder in my SanDisk Clip Sport from the PC (Windows 7) after using ‘Tag&Rename’ software, making sure everything was in the right order (named correctly, etc etc). 

However, under Music/Artist and/or Music/Albums in the Player, it shows as ‘Unknown Album’ where it should have said the title which in this case is ‘Best of The White Stripes’.

Any idea why the title is missing.  The album cover shows, and the contents show OK and in the right order.  It’s just that it calls itself ‘Unknown Album’ and ‘Unknown Artist’.

Any ideas please?

can you post a link (dropbox) to one of the files? We can take a look at it and try to tell you what the problem is. 

Are these mp3 files? If so, the tags need to be in the ID3V2.3 ISO 8859-1 format. I use mp3Tag to edit the tags of my files. 


Tag & Rename software is unreliable when it comes to editing ID3 tags that SanDisk players will recognize. As JK98 has already said the tag format needed is ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1. Others has posted in the past this software has problems with that format.

Hi there.

This is the first time I’ve used Dropbox so I do hope I’ve done it correctly but here is a link that shows the MP3tag and Tag&Rename files.


Hope to hear from you soon.

That is just a link to the dropbox homepage. In dropbox next to the file you uploaded click share and it will give you a link to the actual file. Paste that here and we can take a look at the file for you.  

Oops - sorry.  Hope this is what you’re looking for.



these are just screen shots. We need you to post one of the files with the problem to drop box and send us a link. we need to actual file so we can take a look at it. 

Sorry, but I’m really confused.  Can you tell me exactly what file (.flac/.txt/.m3u/.log) you need from the folder.  The size of the folder is over 500mb but, of course, except for the flac file, the dot files are only kbs.

This is all new to me and confusing at the same time, so thanks for your patience.


Any more views on this one please ?

@vallee46 wrote:

Sorry, but I’m really confused.  Can you tell me exactly what file (.flac/.txt/.m3u/.log) you need from the folder.  The size of the folder is over 500mb but, of course, except for the flac file, the dot files are only kbs.

One or two of the music files (Flac, MP3) with the «unknown artist» would be helpful.

Thanks for your quick response.

It always seems so complicated to me but I think these are the links to the music files - they are both flacs.




I got the same «Unkown artist»/«Unknown album» display on my Sport – as expectable. So fist I tried to simplify the tag entries – to no avail. Reduced album art to 128 x 128 pixels (native resolution of the Sport’s display), alternatively removed it – to no avail. Removed tag entries competely, saved files without them and recreated them manually – still «Unkown artist»/«Unknown album».

So I converted your Flac files to Wave, than back to Flac by means of Foobar2000, tagged them with MP3Tag – with full success.

So it seems that your Flac converter is flawed.

However, IMO using Flac on the Sport is a waste of space. You’d be better off with MP3s, encoded with LAME, e.g. to -V0 or -V2 (variable bitrates of ~240 or ~200 kbps. Most likely you’ll hear no difference to Flac (on the Sport) and you’ll save 55-77% storage space. Moreover you’ll save battery power plus have an unproblematic playback.

Good luck!

Thank you for taking the time to help me sort out this problem.  I thought it was me that was doing something wrong and it was driving me a little crazy.  I’m going to download Foobar2000 and follow your instructions.  I must say though, that I don’t fully understand everything that Foobar does but I’m sure I can work my way round it.

 All my music files on the Sport are Flac and work perfectly OK but I note your comments regarding using MP3s and I think I’ll go that way in the future. 

I do enjoy my music and I always try to get the best sound possible. I bought a pair of Beyerdynamic over-ear stereo headphones to use instead of the supplied in-ear headphones and it is definitely worth spending the extra money.  I’m not saying there was anything wrong with the supplied earphones, it’s just that they kept falling out of my ears!!!

Anyway, thanks again for your help and for pointing me in the right direction. I really do appreciate it.