Unit keeps shutting down

I’ve had a 4gb Clip since July and lately it has started to behave strangely. For example; tonight I started it up with a full battery and it shut down after 45 mins, then 35 mins, 40 mins and the last time it packed up after 30 mins. Sometimes it wil shut down completely and at other times the Sansa logo will appear, as if shutting down or starting up, and the device will select a track and go into PAUSE mode. Funnily enough, it always goes to the same track. I sent an email to the retailer who responded by saying this is a known fault with these players and it can be cured by resetting the player by pressing the POWER button for twenty seconds. I wasn’t exactly convinced by this response - this is my third player and the others have been fine - but gave it a go anyway. No luck I’m afraid. Would there be any point in deleting all the music and loading some more in case one of the tracks is corrupt? Thanks.

That could be it, or the firmware might have developed a glitch.  You might try manually reapplying the firmware–see the firmware sticky thread at the top of the forum.  Nicely, this won’t erase your music, but you will have to double-check and reapply some of your settings after.

If that doesn’t help, you could try reformatting the player under System settings–this sometimes can clear away glitches.  But it will erase your music, and so copy anything you want to save to your computer first.

Hope this helps!

Just a quick one here, would updating the firmware help by any chance?

@rhodesv wrote:
Just a quick one here, would updating the firmware help by any chance?

Why do you think repeating what others have said is helpful? :confounded: :angry:

Tried my own suggestion - deleting all the music and starting again. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Then saw your suggestion about reformatting the player so I gave this a go. So far so good!! Has been playing for hours now without a glitch. Many thanks.

Great to hear–enjoy your music!   :slight_smile: