Unique New X-mas Gift Ideas For This Year

It’s big, it’s heavy, and it’s  . . . wood?

It’s the iTree!

That’s right; the perfect gift and iPhone dock for that special tree-hugging, audiophile iSheep.

Choice of Cherry, Poplar or Spruce. Only $15,000.

Check out this and the other items like Dr. Dre’s limited edition light rose-colored Swarovski Crystal Studio Headphones, an illuminated Star Trek Infant Feeding System or the ONEDOF (One Degree Of Freedom) $150,000 NASA aerospace engineer-designed 50 lb. turntable that features a self-centering aluminum alloy platter with non-resonant liquid suspension for crystal clear and virtually distortion-free acoustic reproduction from your extensive and historic vinyl collection. Very cool indeed!

Hmmmm, I wonder . . . can I plug my ONEDOF into my iTree?


Apart from the iPhone in the middle, attractive!   :slight_smile:

Meh.  It’s iOverpriced.  There’s little real artistic craftsmanship done on it.  It’s basic and boring for 15 grand.

Not to mention in-expensive domestic wood. For 15 grand, I’d at least want some Tiete Rosewood, Teak, or Santos Mahogany. :stuck_out_tongue:

singing on the stage alone and become the super star around the crowdd