Uninstalling the Sansa Media Converter


I have joined the forum specifically to post information on uninstalling the SMC from Windows 7 (there does not appear to be any means of doing this from the uninstall feature of Windows 7 - only the Sansa Updater can be uninstalled). However, I am a little twitchy about doing so as it involves using RegEdit to find the uninstal path and I don’t want to be responsible for people messing up their PCs.

Can I therefore ask advice as to what I should do? Generally speaking, are people aware of the risks involved in using RegEdit? Not that it is necessary to modify any data as it only involves copying data held in a key. Nevertheless, I’m still very twitchy about making this info available to those who really don’t know what the Registry is all about.

Any advice most appreciated. Thanks.


Go ahead. Let’s treat people as intelligent and responsible.

Just put in a warning that it’s for experienced computer users only and to set a Restore Point first. 

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Since I have no further need of the Sansa Video Converter (I’m now using Video4Fuze) I was looking to uninstal it but there’s no uninstall facility in Win7 (can’t speak for other OSs). At least there APPEARS to be no uninstall facility - but there is, although the means of uninstalling is hidden in the registry.

WARNING: I must stress that the method I used involved searching the registry and copying a path to the clipboard. However, using the Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall Windows. ALWAYS backup your registry BEFORE accessing it. I will not be responsible if you do not heed this warning. You use the Registry Editor entirely at your own risk.

Click on Start and then Run. Enter RegEdit and click OK to start the registry editor. Go to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Current Version\Uninstall{FC053571-8507-44E4-8B6D-AACEAB8CA57C}

and in the right-hand panel look for UninstallPath and either make a note of the path found or click on UninstallPath to select it then go to the Edit menu and click on Modify which will be in bold text. The uninstall path will appear in a dialogue and will already be selected. Simply press Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard and close the dialogue by clicking CANCEL. You can then close RegEdit.

Again go to Start and click Run. Paste the path you copied from the Registry and click OK. The uninstall process then starts and you can uninstall the Sansa Media Converter in the normal way of uninstalling any program.

I hope this process will help you if you want to uninstall the Sansa Media Converter from Windows 7 (and perhaps other OSs as well) but - I stress that you use RegEdit entirely at your own risk.

Tracey Woodmason