Uninstall or Deactivate Rhapsody?

I just obtained a Sansa 1 GB Clip. I note it has Rhapsody preinstalled on it. I will never use Rhapsody, Is there any way to uninstall or deactivate it to optimize the amount of free memory?  


Rhapsody is not installed on the player. You can try reformatting it.

Go to settings>Format> Select Yes.

maybe you mean Rhapsody submenu ?

if so, i see the only one an very dangerous way  - update your current firmware to normal ver. (without Rhapsody support)

But it would be better if you don’t even think 'bout it

Flashin’ the Clip with incorrect firmware file or in incorrect way can fully damage it !

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The Rhapsody support is not in a separate Firmware. Its a single version.

Thanks for your replies. Guess I’ll forget about Rhapsody. It’s not hurting anything and only occupies a small amount of memory. From your replies, I would be asking for trouble if I monkey with it; even deleting the subfolders could create problems with my Clip. So, I will leave well enough alone!! Thanks again for helping me avert a mistake.