Unfulfilled User RMA - Still Valid?

I filled out an RMA request about 2 years ago when my 120gig boot drive failed. At the time though I was considering and looking around for information on how to save the data myself or sending it into a recovery place before sending it to SanDisk. Then I got busy and never sent it in. 

I can no longer find the receipt so whatever image I sent prior for the accepted requested RMA I hope can still be considered valid as everything about the request is the same and It’s still within 3 years so I assume it is and should be.

Can a SanDisk rep confirm?

Lastly, since I have some time now I have been looking into the matter. When I replaced the drive by purchasing a new one as my boot drive, I’m not sure if during the interim and setup I may have possibly changed the properties within my bios from IDE to AHCI. From what I understand that doesn’t matter. Can anyone confirm? When I plugged the drive in today it was not detected in the bios or windows. I did a few things I found online as cures but none helped. These included giving it power for 30 minutes, disconnecting for 30 seconds and connecting again for 30 minutes. I did this on another computer… Also switched out all the cables and even tried another power supply. Any further thoughts for solutions?

Hoping to thank you…

I am sure the RMA closed if it was created 2 years ago. Probably best to contact sandisk support and get a new one. 

for a boot drive you cant change from IDE to AHCI with out making some changes to the registry. IDE and AHCI use different drivers so if you change the BIOS setting the OS will not boot from the drive. This should not make any difference for detection in the BIOS though so if it is not detected in the BIOS it would need to be replaced.