Undeletable Picture

Here’s my issue. I run linux, so support is decent, but not guaranteed. I wanted to add pictures to my fuze, so I put them on from a windows machine running the media converter. I thought that MTP mode was required, so that’s what I used. I later wanted to free up space by deleting the pictures, but could not use the windows machine. I went through and manually deleted all of the pictures on the fuze, which was a hassle because sometimes the pictures didn’t delete and sometimes the fuze would freeze after deleting a picture. But I got all of them, except one. It is in an album with a box character for a name, and the picture name is a box character, so I’m assuming it’s a result of an error. I looked under MSC mode but could not find this picture in the folders. I have tried deleting it on the fuze multiple times but it did not work. I can’t figure out how to access photos by MTP. Does anyone know a solution, besides formatting my device?

Thanks in advance.

If there’s a garbage character, it’s possible to have a look at the file with a windows machine in MSC mode, and run chkdsk on the device.  Perhaps the photo can be deleted by connecting in MTP mode on a Windows machine if available.

I found this interesting thread in the Ubuntu Forums regarding MTP transfer.

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