Undecided what to do

Dear all.

I’m really undecided. I’ve read all threads…

I’m still interested in buying it but when? If I buy it now I can experience many troubles and I will have to wait for a new FW.

I have two questions for who have bought it yet.

  1. The OLED display is brigt at sunlight?

  2. Is the battery replaceable if in the future it discharge quickly?

Thank you all for suggestions and answers

Hugs from Italy


Hi Sergio;
Here’s how I see it: If this little machine does not work for you, you just wasted 50 bucks. At least, S Express costs that much here. It isn’t like ipod that costs a bundle.
The display seems to be fine to me under sunlight.
Apparently, you will end up throwing this little buggar after you no longer charge the battery.  To me, it doesn’t make sense to ship this to sansa and get the battery replaced. In few years, Sansa will upgrade the hardware and firmware.
My unit works perfect. Sometimes, the conflicts arise due to computer configurations. Good luck. CIAO.

Eh, you get what you pay for. 50 bucks, not a bad little player for the price. But the little things discussed on the board already can get a bit annoying. Hopefully they’ll fix these in the future. Who knows? Maybe if you don’t get it, they might get on fixing these things faster.