Unable to turn on

Fuze 4g slide switch seems to be stuck . I am able to slide it to lock position. When I connect to USB port it will charge and remain in on position. I am unable to slide up to turn it off. Left alone it will eventually turn itself off but I’m unable to turn it on again because switch is stuck. It is 3 years old. Any chance of salvaging it ?


Not much unfortunately. Unless you’re adventuresome, like to tinker with things and want to try and take it apart. You might be able to pick up a DOA unit for not much money on eBay that you could salvage a new part from, and there’s a disassembly guide (complete with pictures) over on the anythingbutipod forums so you can see what you’d be getting into, but the final choice is yours on whether you want to attempt it.

For most people, that choice would be a new player.