Unable to transfer the selected title because [Insert3] returned 0xC00D2772

Hi, I have Sansa clip.  Using OverDrive Media Console, I get the following error when transferring any protected audio books to the device: Unable to transfer the selected title because [Insert3] returned 0xC00D2772.  And yes I have rights to media on computer and the rights to transfer to an MP3 device.  I also can put non-protected audio files on the device and they work fine (not using OverDrive).

Doing some research, I saw: http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=e200&message.id=16877&query.id=102616#M16877 but this did not help.  I went into MSC mode on windows Vista and on XP machine.  I set windows explorer to show all files (system and hidden) I see only the following folders / files:








I also used dos command window to view contents of player and saw same files.  How to I remove a corrupt file: \SYSTEMS\WMDRMPD\STORE.HDS when it does not appear to be on the device? I updated firmware to version:  01.01.18A. 

Is there a way to reset / reload device?

You must be in MTP mode to transfer OverDrive audiobooks.  I’m not sure what mode you tried to transfer in but this could be the problem since you mention MSC mode.

I use MTP for all audio files - books & music - since I listen to OverDrive and NetLibrary audio files in addition to ripped files from my CDs.

Thanks but you have misunderstood.  I use the MTP mode with all my media too.  I have successfully used OverDrive audio with the Sansa clip for many months.  However, recently I received the above error on every transfer. So I can no long transfer protected audio.   From my research on this site the only correction includes going into MSC mode and deleting a file.  This does not work since the file is not on my device.  Any other suggestions.

the Clip maintains seperate partitions for MSC and MTP mode and you cannot “easily” view or change one while connected and accessing the other. The file is “there”, you just can’t see it in MSC mode. Unfortunately MTP mode does not normally allow (AFAIK) access to all folders and/or file browsing, so it’s a Catch-22.

You could format the Clip (using it’s built-in utility, NOT from the PC) but you stand to lose content if the DRM is whacked.

I wouldn’t do anything until some of our MTP/DRM gurus weigh in on this one (I avoid MTP and DRM myself) as there could be a backdoor method I don’t remember ;-) 

Lacking patience I just formated the device.  I was able to do that from windows explorer.  I am now able to transfer audiobooks from OverDrive.

Thanks all.