Unable to see some books on the pc

I’ve seen several posts on this subject.  My clip+ shows several books which cannot be deleted by use of the pc because the computer doesn’t show the files.  Because the books have up to 25 chapters, deleting them on the clip would be a real pain.  I’ve read the solutions which tell me to manually set the usb connection to MTP, and have done so to no avail.  I also tried setting it to MSC, thinking I might be misunderstanding.  No luck.  The books show with neither setting.  My books always end up showing in the music folder, generally filed in sub-folders under author, with multiple chapters per books.  I even tried deleting the music folder using both settings, still no luck.

I also tried the suggestion offered in one thread to uninstall the clip in the device manager.  I tried that, and sure enough when the clip was reattached to the computer, it reinstalled the software.  Still unable to see and delete the files I want to delete.

Is there something else I can try?

You could reformat your player under its System Settings, and it will delete all the content on your player.  If there is anything you want to keep, copy it to your computer first; reformat your player; and then transfer the content back.

Thanks for the response.  Formatting the clip+ worked.  Nothing else helped at all.  Even removing the chapters one by one still left the titles and a tag for each title.

Great to hear.  The reformatting option can be a saving grace, when all else fails.