Unable to Rename Flash Drive

I am using a 16GB SanDisk flash drive to store some Access Files.  I use Access at a local university and on my computer at home.  The Access files that I am working with were originated on the University computer with the name of ‘E:\Core Data from CMS\Linked Files 1995-2010’.  When I tried to open these files in Access on my home computer it labeled the flash drive as Removable Disk F which was not recognized by Access.  When I tried to rename the flash drive, it would not accept the name Removable Disk (E) because it contained too many letters.

Appreciate your help


What happens if you use Windows Explorer to view the files on the Flash drive and then dbl click on the Access file?

Mabye its not renamble,try renaming it from Windows Explorer with the My Computer folder,if not im sorry

to change the drive letter you ahve to use disk managment not rename the drive.

that being said it sounds like you have copied the path to a file and not the file itself. 

What would you want these labeled into? Im thinking the number of characters exceed…