Unable to pair with UE Boom 2

I am unable to connect to the UE Boom 2, a Pansonic stereo or the car bluetooth

My samsung galaxy S5 connects to all 3 bluetooth devices, Boom, Stereo and car.
My firmware is 2.18.BO1

The UE Boom 2 pairs with 2 phones with no problems and is about 9 months old. It supports A2DP

I reported this to sandisk and they replaced the clip sport plus but unfortunately the replacement won’t pair with the boom either

Does anyone else have a UE Boom and can pair with the clip sport plus?


I have the same issue.

I restore factory settings and it’s not better.

But I can’t pair no device : I don’t see any device on the sansa clip screen (JBL horizon, UE boom 2…).



I have no problem yet.

I push a long time on the BT-button (on UE Boom 2) and the sansa is now pairing.