Unable to delete playlist entry


I have recently bought a 8gb Clip+ and am impressed with the sound from such a small device.I have managed to create playlists using WMP (not the easiest) and everything seemed fine until I came to delete a playlist.I can delete the files that make up the p/list but not the p/list entry itself so I now have numerous entries with no files inside.Ah! I will delete them via my PC (Win7 64bit) but,in Explorer,the files on the Clip+ are displayed correctly but,in the Playlist folder,nothing is shown.I have tried the 2 USB options with no success.

I would be grateful if some wizz-kid could tell me how to remove the playlist entry from the device (like I have said I can get rid of the files easily)

Thank you in advance (hopfully)

I don’t use WMP for playlists (or if I can avoid it, for that matter) but I wonder:  can you connect the Clip to your computer, call up WMP, and delete the playlist via WMP?  Just guessing, based on some other software use …

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To call you a genius may be somewhat over the top but your solution worked.Thank you.To paraphrase an old saying “He who created it,gets rid of it”.

Heh-heh–good to hear that it worked.  I’ve sometimes found that with stubborn software, it can exert dominance and make you do things through it and its way.  WMP seems to fit in this category.   :wink: