Unable to Connect Player

I have 2 players, 3 year old Clip and 2 year old Clip+. Both worked fine using my home and office computers to download and transfer audiobooks to the players. 2 days ago both started having problems. Now neither player is recognized by either computer, not showing up in the device manager or file manager. I have a Mac Pro with both Apple and Windows 7 platforms at work, and a new Dell with Windows 8 at home.

I have gone through the forums, uninstalled and reinstalled all the programs and devices associated with the downloads, pressed and held buttons while plugging in the players, used multiple USB cables and ports, reformatted the devices, changed between different USB settings, all the suggestions.

Finally today using the Windows 7 side of the Mac I was able to see each device in the Devices Manager, each with a little yellow alert on the icon. When I get into the alert it says the device has a problem that it cannot fix. For both players.

Now I can believe one player could be damaged, but both? At the same time? Anyone have an idea as to what happened here?

I am using Windows Media Player either 11 or 12, Overdrive Media Console, Windows 7. I ran the Security Updater on the Console but still keep getting a message that it can’t detect a player. When I plug in the player I get this message “unable to connect to its ideal host controller.”

With Windows, under the Device Manager, did you try uninstalling/unauthorizing the Clip devices and then hook them up again?  This forces Windows to reinstall the connection, which can fix an issue.