Unable to access WFD from a different subnet

I have configured my 32gb WFD with internet access.  I am able to access the drive from a web browser on the same subnet ( at  When I attempt to access the drive from my subnet I get no response.

The main reason this presents a problem for me is that all of my wired computers are on a different subnet than the wireless devices.  I’d like to be able to access the drive from both networks.  Right now I’m only able to access the WFD from the wireless subnet.

I suspect that the device is not respecting the default gateway setting that the DHCP server gave it.  Is there any way to examine the IP configuration details on the WFD.  The “client status” is:

\<client status="connected" method="sidelink" ip="" ssid="my\_ssid"/\>

Thanks for any help you can offer.