ultra SDHC card for panasonic blu-ray player

Bought 16 GB SD:HC card fpr panasonic blu-ray disc player because player would not read latest blu-ray disc. (not compatable)

Firmward on player now l.56. Do I really need this SD card?

Just as there are DVD players that can write to DVD as a recorder, some have the cabability to record or transder to the SD card.  Conversely, you can read a video file from the SD card.

With a player such as the Fuze+ , depending upon the file characteristics, the little player can play these files if you use an SD card adaptor to microSD card.

The Ultra cards offer faster access speed for use in portable digital video or imaging applications.  Using the Nikon, for example, in sports applications, the multiple-exposure mode works much better if the camera can write to the card faster.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: