Ultra Plus 256G for El Capitan: enable TRIM or not?

  1. There is so much conflicting info online about enabling TRIM or not on Mac’s El Capitan. Please just tell me if I should enable TRIM or if I don’t need to enable TRIM with OSX 10.11 (El Capitan).

  2. Can I update the firmware for this drive on a Mac?

Thank you.

Here is how you can enable trim in el capitan


Apple does not recommend this but they never recommend anything like this for third party hardware. I have been running TRIM under el capitan since it came out without issue.

If you do not enable TRIM you will need to make sure the drive has sufficient idle time so it can perform garbage collection. before enabeling trim in MAC i would leave the computer on over night and only sleep the monitor so the drive could run garbage collection. 

There are FW update threads stickied at the top of each SSD board. Here is the FW thread with instructions for updating in Mac


Thank you so much! I’ve spent all day searching and I can go with this and feel confident. Good to go, and if I run into any issues I will be back. What a pleasure to have found this forum.