Ultra Plus 256G = BSOD


I purchased somes days ago a new SanDisk Ultra Plus 256G to fit in my ‘old’ Dell Studio 1537 notebook.

Since the swap, I have BSOD with error code 0x0000007A KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR.

The second parameter is 0xC000000E which mean STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE so it’s look like the drive is already failing… (http://mikemstech.blogspot.fr/2011/12/troubleshooting-0x0000007a.html)

I think I will send back the SSD but I would like to know:

  • is there any diagnostic tool for a (SanDisk) SSD? S.M.A.R.T is OK but I don’t know how I will explain this new drive is failing (as I’m unable to reproduce these BSOD)

  • I was thinking about stressing the SSD but it seams that all tools reads AND writes to the SSD, so…

  • I cloned the old HDD; could it be a problem?

Thank you for your help!

Cloning could be the issue. What clone tool did you use? Was the HDD originally installed in IDE? If so you can not just change SATA setting to AHCI it will cause BSOD. 

If SMART looks good the SSD is probably good to go. I would try a secure erase and full install of an OS to see if you see similar issues. 

The original HDD was already installed in AHCI mode. I used GParted (resize) and CloneZilla to clone the HDD.

I know the SMART is OK, but looking for the 0x0000007A error code almost always leads to a failing drive.

Because it’s my wife’s computer I can’t swap the drive twice a dayt (it’s a laptop) and play with it like I’ll do with mine.

As the drive is new, I think I won’t lost time to troubleshoot it and ask an new one. Then if I’ve the same issue then I’ll have to…

New issue: the laptop was in hibernation state and when I powered it on, I just had a black screen: no POST and no Windows’ resume.

In this case, it appears it’s not a software or driver issue. I’ll check SATA cable et RAM…

Are you using Win 7 or 8? some SATA controllers have a hard time with power managment for SSD. if you are getting freezing or BSOD when waking from sleep or hibernation you can try disabling HIPM. 


Effectively, a lot of hangs and BSOD comes after resuming windows.

The laptop runs under Windows 7 and HIPM/DIPM doesn’t appear in power management but is it active by default and just hidden? I’ll try to disable HIPM/DIPM.

This afternoon I’d two BSOD 0x000000F4 after wake up from sleep and one error “The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status of 0xc000000e”.

the option to change HIPM setting is not visable by default. Instructions are in the link i provided. there is a little reg file you can download that will make the option visable. Once it is visable set it to active to disable HIPM. 

Since I disabled HIPM yesterday, I have same errors (BSOD 0x000000F4 & “The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status of 0xc000000e”).

This morning I found the laptop with fan on and a black screen; I had to power it off and on, and Windows said he wasn’t properly shut down…

I already tested RAM with Memtest86+ with no errors.

Today I’l try to put back the old HDD: maybe it could be the SATA cable but it’s not very standard… (http://img.alibaba.com/photo/644639436/BRAND_New_LAPTOP_HARD_DRIVE_CONNECTOR_FOR_Dell_Studio_1535_1536_1537_Drive_Connector_K673D.jpg)

This laptop has an ICH9-M chipset with SATA II. As the SSD is SATA III could it be an issue?

So… gone back with the old HDD and everything is fine. So, I suppose I havn’t break the SATA cable adapter.

Now, to be sure, I think I’ll try a clean Windows 7 install.

But honestly, I think the SSD is defective. But it’ll be hard to prove…

I did a clean install of Windows 7 this afternoon with all updates.

I put the laptop in stand-by and… BSOD 0x000000F4 on wake up!

Now, I don’t really know what to do because I don’t know if the SSD is defective or is it a compatibility issue with the laptop…

after a full install did you disable HIPM/ if not try that.

Indeed, I havn’t disabled HIPM/DIPM

After disable, I was unable to have BSOD after sleep and resuming.

I left the notebook powered on and when I came back, it was off.

On first power on, only a black screen and no POST. Switch off and second power on Windows says he wasn’t properly shut down.

I think there is a problem or an incompatibility with this SSD…