Ultra II 960 GB: Firmware X41200RL vs. X41310RL

I have two SanDisk ULTRA II SSD 960GB: One of the two I could update to the Firmware X41310RL version.

For the other one the SSD Dashboard says the version X41200RL  ist the latest (see screen shot  below)

This is critical to me, as I want to use these Ultra II 960GB in an Atomos Shogun Inferno recorder, that requires the X41310RL Firmware level of this type of SSD to fully function. Any help on what’s wrong here? Thx.


Hi Koala418, 

The X41310RL was a temp release, please contact our support centers about your current issue and host information and we will be able to help you

Hi Chushi,

Thanks for the explanation. I will contact the Sandisk service.


Update: After contacting SanDisk service they responded promptly! A friendly technician has sent me a link to a Sandisk software that I could use to update the firmware of my Ultra II SSD. All fine now! Many Thanks to the SanDisk support!

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Hi Koala418,

Could you please send this link to my e-mail? Thank you.


When I contacted SanDisk on a different issue they sent me a link to new dashboard software and that was same version as what I already had loaded… 

Because of that, I did not load it, and deleted email with link…

Please tell us:

Was the new version they linked you the same as what you had loaded, or was it a newer version than V1.4.4.4 ???

This thread is about the firmware version for the Ultra II SSD, and not about the SanDisk Dashboard software.

I have been using the Dashboard v. . To my knowledge, that is the latest version as of today.