Ultra Flair 3.0 128GB will not eject

In Windows 10pro 64bit I cannot get a brand new Ultra Flair 3.0 128GB to eject from a 3.0 USB slot using the Safely Remove … command. I constantly get the default error dialog box stating that some other process is using the thumb drive. I have been through eveything and nothing is using the drive. I have re-formatted the drive (exFAT32) and still the same results. Other 2.0 drives eject just fine from the same port. This is the only 3.0 drive that I have.

I have been through multiple fixes on the web and still nothing.

Any ideas???

Something on your system is using the drive.  Windows Explorer, antivirus, etc.  If it is shared on a network maybe some of system is connected to it.

Try rebooting, see if that helps.  Try changing it’s drive letter.

BTW No need to reformat it, it comes from the factory as exFAT.

Thanks for replying. I’ll dig deeper. Haven’t had this problem before.