Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 disconnecting on File Transfer


I hope someone can help me out with a problem?

I have recently purchased the above item and when I try to transfer MP4 files from my Mac to the device, it keeps disconnecting part way through, the re connecting. I get the error code 33?

Many thanks 

what version of OSX are you using? 

Do you have any other removable drives that are working correctly with the Mac?

does the dual drive work normally on any other systems?


I’ve only used it on my Mac. I have other USB devices in the computer which all work fine. I’m running on 10.12.3

  I was also facing the same issue which you are actually mentioned in this post, after that I take a help of Hp Support Number to know the actual process to do the right thing, I know you are using Mac but , I also use Mac and this site can help Mac and window both, I think your problem will be solved properly.