Ultra Disk Transfer Issues


I have a Sandisk Ultra Backup 16GB which works great except in one area. I took about 600 jpeg images on a recent trip and saved the images to my Laptop.

When I returned home I copied the whole file of images, about 5bg to my Ultra Backup. I then plugged it int my desktop pc and copied the file to my desktop but the photos came out distorted, just streaks of colour, no actual picture,

I did try to attach an example but it didn’t work,

any ideas?



May we assume the files are still on the Laptop and still work ok?

If so, what I would suggest is deleting all the files from the Backup drive, copying just a handful of files from the Laptop to the Backup and then to the desktop and see if they appear ok.  If so I would think the problem is a fluke and do more files.  If not I would suggest; a different USB drive, or a USB cable to connect the two machines, or a LAN cable.

Hi Bob, how did this work out for you? i was also thinking that the transfer was interrupted and perhaps copying those files again would fix he issue. <img src=“https://imagicon.info/cat/5-43/16x16_smiley-happy.gif”/>

Why are your emoticons usually a broken link?   If you don’t know how to insert them correctly just use the ones the forum supplies.   :smiley: