Ultra 2 SDSSDH2 960 failures. Poor service from SanDisk for know problem.

So SanDisk knows they have a firmware problem and this is the cause for 90% of the Ultra 2 SSD failures. They refuse to address the problem and extend the warranties of the drives.

Just the drive failure is a pain to deal with but so is replacing 47 more drives we have before they fail. We have decided to use another companies SSD drives. Guess they don’t care about losing 10k of sales plus future sales to other companies due to poor customer service. 


If you share your incident number we can definately look into the case and see if we made the right decision for your RMA request. 

However please note this is a retail level product and with the amount you purchase and request for replacement we will need to verify proof of purchase, application and failure mode to make sure we follow our warranty policies