Ultra 16GB disconnects at least once every day

I am facing this issue since the firts day of usage, i.e., around one month.

The card gets disconnected at least once everyday in smartphone.

I verified this in two smart phones of different brands.

I sent back this card to the dealer who sent it to service center but as this issue doesn’t happen frequently, service center tested this card for around 30 minutes and sent this card back saying it is in good condition.

Now I am afraid to put this card in phone as I am sure due to constant disconnection in an interval of one day, card will be corrupted.

I am highly disappointed with this card and I hope something is done.

Else I will loose my confidence on SanDisk and will refrain from buying anything of this brand as today, data is everything and storage should be reliable.

Just  to make sure.

You are aware that the card is disconnected every time you “Restart or Turn-off” the phone. (normal behavior)

So every time you do one of the above actions counts as 1 disconnection (unmount-mount).

Try the free app “SD Card Monitor” and let it run for a day. ( it’s on and logging when you see the “|” sign in the right upper corner)

If it gives you something like this then the card is about to die

Card mounted: 14 times
Card unmounted: 32 times
Card bad removal: 10 times <— killer
Card removed: 3 times
Card ejected: 23 times

If you need some help just give a pm