UHS-3 U3 transfer speed rate in microSDXC Extreme cards (SDSDQX-064G-U46A) - Are they UHS 3 or 1?

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This is a question for SanDisk engineers (hope Dr. Lucky , the wise SanDisk master can respond :slight_smile:

The question is regarding the SanDisk microSDXC Extreme , part number is SDSDQX-064G-U46A and EAN code is 619659096014.

Looking at the front of the blister you can see UHS-1 (U1) labelled at the blister and also at the microSD card , I know that SanDisk has launched another serial of the same card with UHS-3 (U3) enabled , but at this time all the official SanDisk suppliers in the EU only have in stock the UHS-1 version. The prroblem is that the official pictures provided by SanDisk (Aprimo portal) appears the UHS-3 not the UHS-1 as the stock I have.

I´ve got a customer that complains about the UHS-1 transfer rate as he needs the card for 4K recording, I know that 4K recording is valid with UHS-1 cards as well.

I´ve seen that Amazon has listed the UHS-3 (U3) version, and I wantedf to know if the card is the same despite the blister shows UHS-3 (U3)  or UHS-1 (U1). As far as I understand i think the card is the same as the read speed of 80MB/s appears in both versions (U3 and U1).

Could you please clarify if there are 2 different versions of the mpn SDSDQX-064G-U46A? I guess this is a SanDisk commercial issue and the card is the same but I want a official response from SanDisk in oder I can clarify to my customers. In the past SanDisk launched many different versions of the same card (i.e. the microSD Ultra 64GB, android versions…etc…)

This is a picture of the UHS-1 version :

microSDXC Extreme UHS-1

And this is a picture of the UHS-3 (U3) version:

microSDXC Extreme UHS-3 version

Thanks in advance for your response,

Eduardo (MemoryVal)

Anyone from SanDisk can respoond to this?


Hi memoryval,

The change fro U1 to U3 was a blind roll and the SKU has not changed. The cards are the same in reference to speed the only change was from U1 to U3. Unfortunately from a part number ordering perspective you will not be able to distinguish the newer U3 cards from the older U1 cards.

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