U3 System and Memory saves

I’ve been noticing that everytime I play a game off my USB, the saves go to the host computer instead of my USB. Is there a way to change that? I’d like all my game progress to be saved onto my 8GB USB. Is there some way that I can do that? The computers at the library keep locking me out because the games put to much information on the computer. It keeps saying that I do not have rights to save or edit anything after I do that but after I delete my game saves from the computer, its just fine.

they should only use the temp file on the computer. it should move everything to the drive upon ejecting. if this is not the case it is a bug and you would need to email the game vendor for support. 

Well. Thats the problem. Its a school computer and it lock you out of your files if you have to many big files on there and then I can’t access my saved games on the host computer. If I don’t get it after I’m done playing it gets erased and it doesn’t get stores on my drive. Is there a independent type of program that uses the computer for graphics cards and such but has a independent system that does not use or touch the host computer? Or is the U3 system like that?

it sounds like your school computers are using roaming profiles with a disk limit in place. U3 has to use the temp file of the host computer so if they ahve a very strict disk limit you are our of luck with U3. 

FYI U3 has been discontinued for almost 2 years now so there will be no more updates or apps.

Oh ya. And is there some sort of system that I can use to open files but there has to be a password on them. I tried the Sandisk version but it has to be on a USB.