U3 Cruzer CD partition does not appear on a specific WIN7 machine


I’m using my (quite old) 4.0 GB U3 Cruzer on several WIN machines and today, with no obvious reason, the CD partition disappeared on a specific WIN7-32 machine.

there is no pop-up window and the CD-drive is missing from the ‘my computer’ explore screen as well.

The CD partition is visible (and functioning) on all other machines (including WIN XP and WIN7-64).

Restarting the specific machine did not solve the problem.

What should I try?

I can provide screenshots if needed.



I would suspect either a security app limiting the adding of drivers for new devices or an oxidized/dirty USB socket.

Maybe something in this KB article might help.  http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10/kw/cruzer%20not%20detected

Thanks Ed.

The mass-storage partition is functioning normally, so I believe there is no ‘mechanical’ limitation. I will read the article now.