Types of Music software

Ok, I have several questions re variables music software? that can be used on the Sansa Clip:

1.  Can I use music from I Tunes?

2.  IF not, can I put music on a CD that came from I Tunes, then put them in my WMedia program and put on Clip that way?

3.  If YES, I can use I Tunes program to put on my Clip, what would the steps in putting the music on the Clip?


You can play music from iTunes on the Clip (as long as it is not DRM protected).  However, the Clip does not play aac files, the iTunes default; you need to convert your iTunes aac files to mp3 files (or another format supported by the Clip).  iTunes provides instructions under its help menu, under exporting.

You also can rip what you might have on a CD for use on the Clip; again, just rip into a format supported by the Clip.

Once you have your music in a format supported by the Clip, you easily can simply drag and drop the files onto the Clip (they can be dropped anywhere on the Clip, although the Clip’s Music folder is a good place to drop them, to help keep things organized).  Or you can use third-party software to transfer the music–Windows Media Player, Winamp, Media Monkey, etc.