.txt files?

All of a sudden my Sansa has these random .txt files that show up on my Sansa song list but when I look at the files through Rhapsody they are not listed so I don’t know how to delete them… has anyone had this happen? I have upwards of 300 .txt files in my music library

Can you just open the folder in Windows Explorer and navigate to/ delete all the text files?

Careful though. There’s no reason there should be any displayed in a media player (unless it’s supposed to show text too)…

Did you have a previous Sansa with Rhapsody?  The Artist Information that was previously available via a successive click of the center button is really nice.  It’s one of the things that I really like about the Rhapsody service.

On your Fuze+, if you are playing a Rhapsody or Channels track, you can access this via a downward sweep (center), or tap the bottom center area.  If there should be an artist information screen, you’ll see something interesting.  The screen will switch to the above screen view (the “back” button in the upper left brings you back to the main display).

Not every Rhapsody track has artist information added.  If the display doesn’t change with the downward sweep of bottom tap, there’s no info allocated for this track.  This can make you think the function isn’t working, as previous Sansa models displayed a simple “no information” response.

Now, for tracks that do have this response, look carefully at the listing.  You’ll see Artist Information, the genre, and a wee solitary DOT at the next line of the display.  This is your “zero bytes” txt file.  I am hoping that the artist information is fixed in a future firmware build.  The files are given numeric titles, indexed to the individual artists related to your tracks.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: